Adams has put all of their production into the technology behind the Velocity Slot, hoping that the face and shaft will be the keys to long distance and straight ball flight. Though not quite as long as some other fairway woods on the market, this shaft is very long, bordering on what you would have found in a driver a dozen years ago. I obviously cannot say for sure it is because of the Velocity Slots, but the face is hot. The deep face actually made the club plenty easy from tall grass, but the shaft is simply too big and contact was too unpredictable. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Share this with your golf buddies: With features such as second-generation Velocity Slot Technology which includes a slot within a slot , Speed Coat design of the shaft, and Speedline aerodynamic design, Adams is not short on innovation.

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It also comes with the Adams Tour Elite Plus grip, which is, in my opinion, one of the best stock grips you will find.

Adams has built a fairway wood that is very stable through the shot, one that rockets the ball off the face, and one that retails for a very fair price. The long shaft and large head are perfectly suited to shape the ball all over the place from the tee, but I found it troublesome to work the ball from the fairway, and workability was nonexistent from the rough. Again derived from the dimples of a golf ball, Speed Coat is a roughened coating on the exterior of the shaft.

I obviously cannot say for sure it is because of the Velocity Slots, but the face is hot. The sole of the club and the face are black with silver and blue accents, the crown is silver. Though the clubhead is noticeable larger than fairways woods of old, it retains the unmistakable look of a wood.


Adams Speedline Fast 12 LS Driver

The head cover is a breeze to take off but the structured upper section makes putting it back on a bit trickier. Speed Coat is supposed to do the same thing.

They have feature acams feature designed specifically to give golfers the most distance, not only on-center strikes but on off-center hits as well. We take a look at one of the hottest fairway woods on the market. Speedlinr the tee box, the best approach I developed is to just treat it like a driver. This is supposed improve performance on shots hit on both the top and bottom of the club face, making this the hottest fairway aadms Adams has ever made.

The feel is spectacular. I can only imagine what it would have been like with a livelier shaft. If you are looking to keep the ball under the wind and bend it like Bubba, again, this might not be the club for you.

Adams Speedline Fast 12 Fairway Wood Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

It plays, if anything, slightly stiffer than I expected it to, but that fits the profile of this club. Conclusion Though golf clubs are usually tast by the character profile they fit low- mid- or high-handicapperthe Adams Speedline Fast 12 fairway woods do not fit that description. The ProLaunch Blue is a very stable shaft, just begging for you do go after it.

Though the face does indeed have bounce and roll, the black finish makes it look fst angular, and you get the allusion of increased loft. Performance Like many of faat new generation of fairway metals on the market, the Speedline Fast 12 is made for the tee box. Though not quite as long as some other fairway woods on the market, this shaft is very long, bordering on what you would have found in a driver a dozen years ago.


Your email address will not be published. Speedlime to hitting a driver off the deck, I found it easier to come slightly over the top and hit a fade. I love the jet black, lacquered look of asams like the Titleist F, but the matte finish makes this look like a boring grey. Share this with your golf buddies: Nike was the first major company to introduce something like this, when their Compression Channel was introduced a few years back, but Adams was the initial OEM to put this technology on both the sole and the crown of the clubhead.

Design and Technology When Adams introduced the Speedline series of woods a few years ago, they promised increased distance through improved aerodynamics.

When a golf ball flies through the air, a small space pocket of turbulence trails the ffast. If you struggle to get the ball in that air that can be a good thing, but as someone who spfedline battles ballooning the ball, that was a drawback for me.

This club simply will not hit low shots.

Adams Speedline Fast 12 LS Driver – Golfalot

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When you look down at the club at address, it sets up speedlime behind the ball. The long shaft makes it a bit tougher to hit square, the large face makes off-center hits come off a bit more fast. Simplistically speaking, dimples on a golf ball focus that turbulence directly behind the golf ball.