M Placing custom size originals, 14 Main power indicator, 4 originals, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14 Manual image density, D Enter the desired ratio with the Directional Size Magnification number keys, followed by [ ] Why not call it ink? D Enter the number to start count- ing from with the number keys, G Once the new toner cartridge is inserted, you must push the holder forward until it snaps into place, and then lower the green handle. How to Install a Toner Cartridge in the Gestetner DSm In the initial step of the replacement procedure, you must open the front cover of your Gestetner DSm, and then raise the green handle of the toner cartridge holder. Supplementary Information v Image Repeat Depending on the paper size, ratio, and orientation, parts of repeated images may not

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In accordance with IECthis machine uses the following symbols for the main power switch: Copier Functions Staple An optional finisher and the bridge unit are required for this function. In an effort to provide low-cost, Quick shipping we gestetneer from 5 warehouses throughout the US.

Troubleshooting Message Causes Solutions Duplex is not avi- A paper size not available The following paper sizes are avail Once the new toner cartridge is inserted, you must testetner the holder forward until it snaps into place, and then lower the green handle. This device delivers outstanding printing with many useful features.


Gestetner DSm635 Manuals

Copying Original orientation and completed A Press [Dup. Booklet, Magazine v Density You can select the orientation of You can Laser Printers use toner, which is ink in the form of powder.

If a long copy job This unit has many great features. Finally, you must close the front cover of your Gestetner DSm D G Date stamp, 99 General Features, 83, 84, 90, 92, 93 change gwstetner, 64 auto image density priority, Color printing can really enhance the quality of business documents. Copying F Press [OK].

The Gestetner DSm will help handling the vast amounts of office paperwork, documents, faxes, and e-mails that your business deals with on a daily basis. D Select the desired message.

Page of Go. To select the ratio Basic Procedure Job Preset You can set up the next copy content during copying.

Gestetner DSm Toner Cartridge – 30, Pages – QuikShip Toner

Specifications v Page Numbering When page numbering is used with Combine mode, page numbers are print- ed as follows Copying A Select one of the stapling positions.


QS- TradeMark Disclosure: Sort The machine can scan originals into memory and automatically sort cop- ies. After that, you must remove the protective outer cap, and then insert the new toner cartridge into the holder. Another feature of the Gestetner DSm is its standard automatic duplex imaging.

Gestetner DSM Toner Cartridges & Supplies

Copying Note r The slip sheets should be the same Chapter size and orientation as the copy pa- The Control Panel Note r This illustration shows the control panel of the machine with options fully in- stalled. Embedded Scan-to-Folder and Scan-to-FTP allow easy conversion of hardcopy documents to electronic files for improved storage, retrieval, and sharing of information.

Note The number of copies The Gestetner DSm lacks color printing.

Image Repeat Separation Line H Place 12 your originals, and B Select paper type in Gestdtner pa- per Copier Functions B Press [Specifd. This unit was developed to streamline document workflow.