It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Adjust the time to 5, 10, 20, 30 or 60 seconds. Be sure to install the monitor driver from the monitor driver CD or diskette that comes with your monitor. Do not try to roll a stand with small casters across thresholds or deep pile carpets. When connecting the USB cable, check that the shape of the connector at the cable side matches the shape at the connecting side. Have you installed the monitor driver?

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Select the display screen saturation which you prefer. Check the signal cable and mobitor again. NOTE Allow the monitor to stabilize for at least 30 minutes before making image adjustments.


Horizontal Size To adjust image width. Be sure to install the monitor driver from the monitor driver CD or diskette that comes with your monitor. Microsoft’s snazzy Surface Hub 2 gets a backwards-compatible sibling in It hasn’t yet brought the Surface Hub 2 collaboration platform to general availability, but Microsoft’s outlined the Hub strategy in broad strokes.

Press the digital select button. Or, you can also download the driver from our web site: The factory preset value is RECALL You can use this function to reload the modified parameters for screen display operation, as specified by the user after purchase: NOTE This is a simplified representation of the rear view.


The following section is an outline of the available adjustments and selections you can make using the OSD. See the ‘Specifications’ section of this manual and configure your monitor again. Position, Size, Side Pincushion, Trapezoid These recalled options may differ depending on the mode monigor Do you see the after-image even when you turn off the monitor?

Have you installed the monitor driver? Do you see black dots on the screen?

Newegg’s Cyber Monday deals are available now, including 43 percent off a inch LG gaming monitor. Keep it in an accessible place for future reference. By using the USB, you will be able to connect your mouse, keyboard, printer, and other peripherals to your monitor instead of having to connect them to your computer.

In order to allow the proper operation of all safeguards incorporated in this monitor, observe monior following basic rules for its installation, use, and servicing. Set the color depth to colors or higher: You can easily select the display screen of each Signal when you connect two Signal Cables to this monitor simultaneously. Is the power indicator light on?

Specifications | LG Flatron F700B 17″ CRT Monitor

This message appears when the signal from the PC video card is out of horizontal or vertical frequency range of the monitor.


Use this button to change the input mode.

So are frayed power cords and broken plugs. Press the Power button. On Safety Use only the power cord supplied with the unit. This happens due to interference from surrounding magnetic fields, as created when speakers, steel structures, or high-voltage lines are placed near the monitor. Try and be conservative with your moniror and that a 10 should mean the hardware is perfect in all regards and everyone should consider buying it.

LG Flatron FB 17″ CRT Monitor |

Digital or Analog Use this button to enter a selection in the on screen display. On Installation Do not allow anything to rest upon or roll over the power cord, and do not place the monitor where the power cord is subject to damage.

To make adjustments in the On Screen Display, follow these steps: On Repacking Do not throw away the carton and packing materials.

Cyber Monday deals you can still get: This occurs in inverse proportion to the screen focus, which can be caused by a particular frequency or video card.